Our company specializes in customs management for the import and export of goods.

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Working for over 50 years in the Foreign Trade business, we offer our clients the highest service level, with the premise of task`s simplification of Foreign Trade management, in order to become a long-term strategic supplier.

We offer a complete operation assistance and management so that they are carried out as transparently and effectively as possible, through personalized attention based on work teams specialized in different fields.

Today, HLF Customs Services has evolved to become a company that provides comprehensive Foreign Trade services.


We have a highly trained professional team, and with a vast experience in Foreign Trade.


Composed of a team of professionals and with 18 SIM terminals, the staff is in charge of providing all our clients with a service

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Administration and Finance

The finance team is responsible for the management of purchases (supplier registration, accounting record of purchases and payment to the supplier).

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Commercial and Customer Service

This sector manages the development of new accounts and their monitoring in order to detect deviations and / or opportunities for improvement of the services offered.

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Quality and Compliance Officer

From 2011 to the present, we have obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certification, granted by Bureau Veritas, in customs clearance services, which supports our quality in the services provided.

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HLF provides full services involving in the whole foreign trade process, from customer contact and the performance of all necessary legal and administrative formalities to the transportation and shipment of goods to the final destination.

In addition, our services include freight and insurance hiring, thus offering our customers full logistics of their operations (House to House).


  • We have 18 own terminals of the María System
  • On-Line tracking of customs operations
  • Permanent staff in Customs, Port, Ezeiza and Free Trade Zone
  • Self vehicles for cargo Delivery
  • Tariff classification system and customs regulations
  • Correspondents at Local Customs and Uruguay
  • Pre-clearance, interface and tracking system
  • Refund Tracking System
  • Temporary import and export management system
  • Guarantee control and monitoring system
  • International cargo tracking system
  • Qualified and customized attention

ISO Certification since 2011

HLF Quality Policy

Servicios de Despachante de Aduana para la importación y exportación de mercaderías. Servicio de asesoramiento y gestión de Comercio Exterior.


At HLF CUSTOMS SERVICES we want our clients to feel supported by a transparent and reliable study, that is why we continue to train our staff with a new code of ethics with the bases that management has always instructed since the company began.



During 2017, we assisted in the import management of a Methax firm turnkey plant for the construction of the first Thermoelectric Power Plant


This regime is aimed at incentivizing investments in order to increase


HLF Customs Services accompanies the launch of the campaign in Fashion for Pupi Argentina where the launch of a new stage of the bracelets campaign was carried out, with the presentation of the new ones, which are intertwined.


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